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Learn more about Project Labor Agreements and how they affect your business.

New Online Resource describes the negative impact of PLA mandates on school construction projects.

Learn more about “Bannering”, a pressure tactic used by organized labor.

ABC of Florida
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PLAs: Not What We Need
Learn more about project labor agreements (PLAs) by clicking on the video or viewing the PLA fact sheet.


ABC members gain the knowledge and representation needed to protect their companies from unfair and anti-competitive business practices. ABC's merit shop philosophy and fair and open competition political agenda ranks among the main reasons why companies join and remain in ABC.

"Merit Shop" is a way of doing business in which companies reward employees based on performance and encourage them to reach their highest level of achievement, and in which contracts are awarded based on safety, quality, and value, regardless of labor affiliation."

For more information about what ABC is doing to fight for your right to work in Florida, contact Steve Cona III, President & CEO, at (813) 879-8064 or stevecona3@abcflgulf.org.

ABC Florida Gulf Coast Chapter Endorses

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