Attention Merit Shop Contractors
The U.S. Department of Labor Wage and Hour Division will be conducting a wage survey of building construction in the state of Florida on project performed during the time frame of April 1, 2013 through March 31, 2014.

    *If Merit Shop Contractors DO NOT participate in this survey Union Contractors will determine prevailing wages and fringe benefits.

    *Contractors performing Private, City, and State funded jobs need to participate in the survey.

    *The survey is on the man power during one "peek week" of the project.

    *Contractors are encouraged to complete the survey on as many projects during this time frame as possible.

    *The electronic form can be saved as a template to create a more efficient submittal process.

Below is the Form WD-10 survey form, informational links, and contacts that will help you through this process.  Florida Survey begins 9/26/2014 cut off date 3/31/2015.

DOL Website                                                                                Prevailing Wage Seminar Presentation
Form WD-10 informational page and instructions                      WD-10 Presentation
Form WD-10

DOL Staff:

Maria Cedrone Duffy  - National Survey Coordinator - 267-687-4023
Marcel Lorincz - NO Analyst - 202-693-1187
Alecia Upshaw - Regional Wage Specialist - 770-738-6453
Felisa Cater - Senior Wage Specialist - 770-738-6452
        Barbara Allen 770-738-6451
        Carolyn Adams 770-738-6450
        Jessica Lane 770-738-6454
        Debbie Cook 770-738-6468
        Shakirah Edwards 678-237-0523